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Questions and answers

How can I request the reservation of a equipment?

You can check the availability of the equipment by sending an email or making a reservation request on the web. Until you receive our reply with the rental confirmation you do not have the material reserved. The reservation is completed by paying the total amount of the rental amount by a bank transfer prior to the requested date.

Do prices include VAT?

Yes, all prices include VAT.

What happens if I lose or damage the hired equipment?

Once we receive the equipment, repairs will be assessed, and you will be informed about the cost of any repair or replacement of damaged equipment.

How can I pay?

It is very simple; you can make the payment by bank transfer using the account number that appears on the quote that we send you, and send us proof of payment via email. And if it is an urgent hire, you can pay by making a deposit through any BBVA cash machine. These payments are effective immediately, and this method is available 24 hours a day.

Do I have to leave a deposit?

Generally no, but if you are a new client and we have to send the equipment outside Malaga, you will have to pay a deposit depending on the total cost of your order.

Can I deliver or collect on weekends or public holidays?

Yes, we have a pick-up and/or delivery service for equipment during weekends and public holidays. Each hire that requires opening at the weekend or on a public holiday will entail an additional 25.00 EUR (including VAT) added to the invoice.

When do I have to pick up and deliver the equipment to be eligible for the weekend rate?

To take advantage of the weekend rate, you must collect the equipment on the Friday between 17h and 19h and return it the following Monday between 10h and 12h.

Can I create a customised pack to suit me?

Yes, call us and we will create a pack tailored to your film shoot, and we will apply a discount in proportion to the reference pack.

Can I change any article in the pack?

Yes. You can change a product for another of equal or greater value by paying, in the latter case, the difference in price.

Can I test any equipment?

Yes, you can come to our facilities by appointment and see the equipment before hiring it.

Can I ask for any advice while I'm filming?

Yes, at Objetivo 50 we understand how complex it is to carry out any job because we work in the audiovisual sector ourselves. Therefore, you can call us at any time during filming to help you get the most out of the equipment that you have hired.

Can I place an order for the equipment to be sent to me outside Malaga?

Yes. Any orders that are outside Malaga need to be made at least three days in advance, since we have to send the shipment the day before, before 17h.And if the location where the shipment is received is not a capital, it may not be possible to send the shipment for urgent delivery between 8h and 10h, but rather that it arrives during the day, however always before 19h.In any case, the cost of round trip insured shipping will be added to the invoice for equipment hire and this must be paid by the client in advance.
The minimum order must be €100 for a shipment outside of Malaga.

What happens if I cancel my order?

In case of cancellation of the rental due to inclement weather or cause majeure, THE CLIENT must give a minimum notice of 72 hours in advance and 100% of the amount paid will be refunded. In other cases, if the notice occurs 24 hours before the rental takes place, the client will only receive 50% of the amount paid.