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Production and Video Recording Professionals

The Objetivo 50 production company

At Objetivo 50 we are aware of the challenges involved in audiovisual production work, as we constantly operate in this environment.

We know that the cornerstone of a successful project is a strong and original idea. This is precisely where Objetivo 50 comes into play. The production company is here to facilitate the filming process and make sure you have everything you need to bring your creative vision to life. Thanks to our professional video recording services you will have access to the best human and technical team on the market.

Founded in Malaga, Objetivo 50 has consolidated its position as a company specialising in video recording and production services. Since we started back in 2014, we have had the honour of working with film and television production companies, advertising agencies, event companies, professionals and individuals from all over the country.

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The Team

At Objetivo 50 we focus on talent. We have a highly qualified team in different fields of the industry. Skilled in tackling projects of any size and complexity. We are committed to the success of the audiovisual projects of our customers and audiovisual partners.

Rakesh B. Narwani
Founding Partner, Director and Screenwriter

Paula Villegas
Founding Partner, Production and Art Manager

Marta García

Carlos Bolívar
Producer and Marketing

Sandra Lara
Digital Marketing