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Paula Villegas

Founding Partner, Production and Art Manager

After completing her Fine Arts studies in Cuenca, she got a scholarship to study in the prestigious Valand School of Fine Arts in Sweden. Later, in Malaga, she completed a Master’s degree in Cultural Management focused on the Social Development of Artistic Culture. She participates in several artistic collectives and together with her colleagues she leads Las Buhoneras, a well-known collective of female artists and performers with whom she exhibits her work at important venues such as the Contemporary Art Centre of Malaga and the Sala Fundación Cruzcampo, as well as creating different art installations for the Maf Málaga de Festival, La Noche en Blanco, Art & Breakfast and Moments festivals. At the same time, she works as a visual artist, creating videos and obtaining grants and residence scholarships at national level.

Her career in the audiovisual field began in 2013 as an art director with the filmmaker Rakesh Narwani on the short films Clóset (2014), winner of the Audience Award at the Malaga Film Festival, and Hospital Cromático (2015), winner of the Special Jury Mention at the Malaga Film Festival. She is Objetivo 50’s Production Manager, leading all the projects carried out by the production company, both in pre-production and in the organisation of the different work teams. She is also responsible for the art direction of all these projects. In 2016 she took part in the short film Supertivolino by Isa Sánchez, winner of several screenplay awards and public grants, as the art and wardrobe director. In 2017 she was the art and wardrobe director for the short film Gazpachuelo by Biktor Kero, starring the Goya winner Ana Fernández. She has also directed the art and wardrobe for several TV commercials such as Les Roches or La Espera de Dineo for Cashconverters, broadcast by Mediaset and Movistar. Furthermore, she was in charge of the art direction for a commercial with the well-known brand Airbnb in a production for Contented Group England. This year she was also the art director for the Season Ticket Campaign of Málaga C.F. with the prestigious advertising agency McCann. This year she also acted as the art and costume director for the last three photo campaigns for Royal Bliss, Nordic and Appletiser for Cocacola Company Spain.

In 2018, she co-directed her first short film, Hotel Royal Co, alongside Rakesh Narwani, which has a fashion film feel and a feminist approach and was selected for the Official Section of the Malaga Film Festival and received the Special Jury Mention at the LGTB Lesgaicinemad Festival. This film has obtained several selections at important festivals such as the Mostra de Curtas Noia, the Seville European Film Festival, the Asecan Awards and, at international level, the LGTB Rozen Filmdagen Festival in Amsterdam.

This year she is in charge of the production of Objetivo 50 Films’ most ambitious project, the short film Black Bass, starring the Goya winner Antonio de la Torre and directed by Rakesh Narwani, which has obtained the 2018 Audiovisual Creation Grant at Malaga Film Festival, the Production Grant from the Andalusian Regional Government and the ICAA Grant. It is currently under distribution and has obtained more than 25 national and international selections as well as several awards such as the Audience Award for Best Short Film at the Abycine Festival, Best Screenplay at the Mk2 Festival and Best Short Film at the Cortopilar and Dos Torres Festivals.