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As a professional camera rental service for individuals and companies in several different fields and sectors, Objetivo 50 has been offering first-class services for more than a decade. We have the pleasure of working with public institutions, such as Malaga City Council and national and international news channels (such as RTVE, Channel 4 and ITN), as well as with production companies of all scales. In this way we support major commercial brands such as Airzone, Les Roches and Uber Eats with our audiovisual equipment rental and corporate video production services, as well as our film service. We also offer advisory services and a full spectrum of services to renowned filmmakers who have received the most prestigious awards in the industry

Rental of Audiovisual Material Focused on the Human Dimension

From individual users to the largest production companies, Objetivo 50 offers the advice and guidance they need. We are a leading company in the audiovisual sector thanks to our quality and range of services but, mainly, thanks to the value we place on the human dimension in each of the projects we undertake.

Professional camera rental in Malaga is synonymous with Objetivo 50.

We love Service.
Do you have an audiovisual project in mind but can’t seem to get it off the ground? Leave technical matters aside. Share your idea with us and our team of professionals will do the rest: venues, permits, camera equipment, lighting, drones, make-up, hairdressing, transport… whatever you need! That way you can devote your valued time to unleashing your creativity.

Film service

Do you need a streaming service for an event? Feel free to ask us. We have been streaming in Malaga for more than 10 years and we have really got the hang of it. We advise you and give you access to the necessary equipment for your live broadcasts. Alternatively, you can also count on our team of professionals, who are always willing to help you ensure that your streamings are a success.

Streaming service for events

Do you have a company? Do you want to increase its visibility professionally and in a way that accurately represents your brand image and values? All you need is a corporate video. Whether an advertising video, one for a presentation or for corporate purposes, tell us about your company and we will tailor it to your needs and budget. Place your trust in Objetivo 50’s corporate video production professionals to help you with your business.

Corporate video production

Our main customers

At Objetivo 50 we are happy to work alongside companies and institutions at the forefront of their fields.